Interning and adventuring

I was anticipating majority of my experimental work to happen this week but I never thought I would be so immersed in the process. I had a week of long hours at the office where I would be in the lab up to the darkness of the night. But all along I ,mostly had my mentor/supervisor with me helping me collect data from my experiment. After completing my three sets of set up for my own experiment last week, I finally started the data collection process this week. After 9-10 days of wait for my experimental plants or samples to show signs of parasitism (i.e. data), my mentor and I dissecting the plants and recording the data. The plants that were exposed to parasitoids were taken out of the pots, washed and dissected to unravel the pest eggs inside that might have been parasitized. The data collection was quite lengthy as I had to be very careful in dissecting every stem so that I record every eggs that has been laid or parasitized in the plant. So imagine this process with 180 plants. Yup it took time and I only got done with the first batch of plants before I left for a weekend getaway to somewhere far far away from Los Banos.



My weekend destination this time was El Nido, a place that everybody raves about. Thus I was very excited to be going on this trip after two weeks worth of planning. El Nido , a.k.a. the nest, is a place in Palawan islands that awaits sea adventures like diving and snorkeling for all tourists. It is known for it’s scenic beauty and the diverse marine life it has to offer. When I reached there Friday, the first glimpse of the sea from the beach indeed lived up to my expectations and to the glory of it’s appraisals by Filipino’s themselves. The sight is amazingly picturesque with cliffs and little islands sporadically existing in the sea. Another thing that made me rejoice was the lush forests that still remains around the roads that lead to El Nido from Puerto Princesa Airport. The central area in El Nido, specially around the ferry activities area had definitely been commercialized with hotels and shops that have replaced the trees. Nevertheless, it was an amazing trip I made. I snorkeled for the first time. My friend and I took an island hopping tour where the boat would stop at different locations or islands in the sea and we would jump off into the water with or without a life jacket and explore the marine life beneath. The boat also served us buffet lunch in the middle of the sea! I had always wanted to swim and to observe marine life , so I was very fulfilled by the end of the day and by the end of my trip.

If there is once place I recommend people to visit in Philippines, I would say El Nido. But again, I did not visit all the other beautiful places that Philippines has. So just go explore! There are lots of places to visit here in the Philippines!

Kita Kits (see you) !


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