Accomplishment-and-Shock State of Mind

Week six is over. I am utterly glad that I came to  IRRI in Philippines to do a research internship. I am equally in disbelief that I only have two weeks left in this land of intelligence, humility and splendor.  I cannot reiterate enough how much grateful I am for this professional and cultural experience. By now you can tell that I had another great, awesome, exciting…..week.

Tick-tock, get to work (Internship updates):

The past week has been challenging but only because I have been trying to push myself . After initiating my experiment with a set up last Thursday, I did two more sets of experimental set-up this week so that I would have more replications than I initially intended to do. My mentor, my supervisor and I were on the same page while deciding to do more replications. This meant, four more days of four-hour long visits to the greenhouse and insectary. This also meant that I would have a lot of data to collect through plant dissection. But if you can picture me in a lab setting up an experiment, I have always had tita Bong and aate Wheng by my side helping me in every step of the way; whether it be plucking and wrapping the flowers in tissue, cleaning rice plants or transferring insects to my experiment , they have helped me as if it was their own experiment. I cannot mention and thank them enough for their continuous support.

My experiment and data analysis process has become longer but it would all be worth it. In fact I had always wanted to make the most out of the time I have here at IRRI. I have wanted to do research and experimentation like they do here and I surely will because next week will be longer work days at the lab. I have to finish what I started with good results. So due to my time limitation I will have to put that extra effort. I don’t seem to mind the extra hours of work because I am so inspired by the people around me and I am glad I get to do what I am doing.

Weekend extravaganza:

I enjoy nature. Nature gives me peace. Nature makes me feel grateful. Nature gives me life. This weekend Bucal falls was my nature destination. Me and my three friends set out on an adventure early Sunday morning.  Getting up early in the morning to take a bus, riding a tricycle and hiking was all so easy because I was excited to take a dip in the waterfall.  Once we reached there I felt the best for the next two hours. The water was a beautiful greenish blue, the rocks surrounding the falls had swirling vines on them and the cold temperature of the water was a nice change (to the hot weather that we are usually in). I swam like never before (literally because I can’t swim without a life jacket 😀 ) and I had the best people around me to share the special occasion with.

I find it so important to get away from the technologically complicated life we have and instead go among nature and try to appreciate it. Everyone should go out in the nature at least once in a while. If you are ever in the Philippines around Los Banos area or nearby, definitely go to Bucal falls.

That was the end of my week and hoping for another great week.





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