Done with week 4 and still going strong

Internship updates

This week has been another exciting and productive week for me at my internship and during my free time. Beginning and ending a work day on time (8am -5 pm which is a rarity in this work culture) and being constantly kept busy with things to learn in the lab feels fulfilling as I am getting what I had expected out of this international internship experience. I feel much more confident this week about sorting insect correctly. Yes, I had been doing them a bit incorrectly for a while until I was told to look for and realize my mistake. Although it seems like it has been an intensive process it actually has not been boring. I kept persevering and now I know I can sort insects according to order correctly….well at least 90% of the time maybe.

I got to help with two more experiment set-ups as well. This time we worked with different parasitoids (myrid bugs and Oligosita) to test the influence of four kinds of flowers on their parasitism. The biggest achievement I felt was when I recommended a modification to a part of the methodology where we were supposed to transfer only one of these parasitoids to the treatment. They are tiny, so hard to see them while transferring them from the test tube to the plant encasing/ cage. It was a simple suggestion to use brush/ paintbrush but I was very nervous of the credibility of the idea. But I am glad I spoke up because that method made our process faster.  The hands on experience that I get this way is always appreciated because they are more engaging. Being able to think in the same space with these researcher’s and scientist is such an enriching and motivating feeling. Their passion for their work…even more inspiring.

Weekend extravaganza

It was not the most extraordinary weekend but we went to the Mall of Asia in Manila. So I finally got to see Manila and do some shopping, things that make me excited and happy. I ate REAL samosas at an Indian

grocery store. Took me straight back home in my memories. I also ate the most delicious Japanese food I have had in a while. I ordered a dish called Katsudon which was fried pork with egg set on top of a bowl of Jasmine rice. Simply delicious. So to all the Japanese food lovers I would definitely recommend ‘Tempura’ restaurant. While my friend’s were keen on getting hold of some unique Green tea Kit-Kat flavored doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, I chose to spend the last hour tearing down sale racks at clothing stores :P……In my defense, the mall was just too huge and there were tons of stores that I wanted to check out. Again, the very western, modernized and metropolitan areas in Philippines really surprises me every time. The diversity in the range of lifestyles in this country is astonishing.

It has been an eventful week and every week feels better. Thus, hoping for the same this upcoming week, I am signing off.

Until next time, have a great week.




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